Dissociation and White Privilege

Commencement for the graduate schools and the Adult Degree Completion program at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, USA, drew a very large crowd. I believe the estimates ran around 6,000 people, near capacity for the venue. There were a lot of students graduating and a lot of people that loved them in the crowd. Because […]

Back Home

We’re not only “back home” in Portland (OR) from Spokane (WA) but Hunter is back to his normal self again. He’s eating his food faster than I can cleanup after preparing his meal. You know, there are annoying aspects of his behavior, like wanting in-and-out every few minutes or just standing in front of me […]

Clean Garage?

Clean garage? Not likely. But we did rearrange it a bit today. For years we have been cheap storage for students. It only takes a couple of students to literally trash it. Today, we went through about 1/3 of it. So much went into boxes. Some went to the mess in the attic. The rest […]

Wasting Time

I read in someone’s blog today that sometimes conversations are one sided and it feels like time with them is time lost forever. Time that you’ll never get back. It is true. You can’t get that time back. I’m old and getting older by the minute. Sometimes I feel, not often mind you, but sometimes […]

Lamotrigine Withdrawals

This is hard! Typing this out while simultaneously going through withdrawals. It’s been 44 hours, I think, since my last dose. I am dizzy, confused, unable to concentrate, irritable, and exceedingly sleepy. The pharmacy was able to refill my prescription today so relief is on the way soon. Do you ever wonder if the medication […]