Back Home

We’re not only “back home” in Portland (OR) from Spokane (WA) but Hunter is back to his normal self again. He’s eating his food faster than I can cleanup after preparing his meal. You know, there are annoying aspects of his behavior, like wanting in-and-out every few minutes or just standing in front of me […]

Cutting Meds? I Don’t Think So!

Just earlier today I was looking at all the meds I take to keep me functioning. I was thinking that since I’m no longer working (retired,) I could talk to my care providers (psych nurse, therapist, primary care doc) about maybe cutting my dosages. But then this afternoon happened. Someone in my family got news […]

Clean Garage?

Clean garage? Not likely. But we did rearrange it a bit today. For years we have been cheap storage for students. It only takes a couple of students to literally trash it. Today, we went through about 1/3 of it. So much went into boxes. Some went to the mess in the attic. The rest […]