Clean Garage?

Clean garage? Not likely. But we did rearrange it a bit today. For years we have been cheap storage for students. It only takes a couple of students to literally trash it.

Today, we went through about 1/3 of it. So much went into boxes. Some went to the mess in the attic. The rest is going to Goodwill or Salvation Army.

There is some good stuff out there. Toys and things one forgets about. I found one box with my framed credentials — degrees, commissions, ordination, etc. They used to hang in my office. Now they occupy a box. That box is once again lost because it got placed where it would be “easy-to-find” in future.

We accumulate junk that once was someone’s treasures. We continue to hold it because we cannot know when someone will want to rename it from trash to treasure again. Kind of like our lives.

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