Wasting Time

I read in someone’s blog today that sometimes conversations are one sided and it feels like time with them is time lost forever. Time that you’ll never get back. It is true. You can’t get that time back. I’m old and getting older by the minute. Sometimes I feel, not often mind you, but sometimes […]

Lamotrigine Withdrawals

This is hard! Typing this out while simultaneously going through withdrawals. It’s been 44 hours, I think, since my last dose. I am dizzy, confused, unable to concentrate, irritable, and exceedingly sleepy. The pharmacy was able to refill my prescription today so relief is on the way soon. Do you ever wonder if the medication […]

Of Course!

More on the hijab. It is an obvious oversight on my part not to mention the woman’s right to choose how she should dress herself. If a Muslim woman chooses not to wear any distinctive or identifiable dress items, that of course is her choice. It is equally offensive to be told what you must […]